Longines Five Star Admiral Doctors Pulsometer

Offered for sale from the Vintage Watch Resources collection is a Longines Five Star Admiral Doctors Pulsometer for approximately 1960.  The watch is automatic wind and is 14k yellow gold.  The band has a Longines signed buckle (gold filled).

Back in the day this watch allowed a Doctor to take a patient’s pulse quickly and easily.  This is how it works, actually pretty simple. From the zero mark of the scale, count 15 pulses on the patient, and observe where the seconds hand is at the point you count the 15th pulse. Read the number off the pulsometer scale and that is the pulse rate of the patient per minute. A healthy pulse rate should fall between 60 to 100-ish beats per minute.

This watch is not a chronograph, but there are two chrono-scales on both halves of the watch face (35-160), with the words ‘gradatus ad xv pulsus, ‘ Latin for, ‘graduated for 15 pulsations‘. The American Medical Association logo, at the 6 o’clock mark confirms that this is a watch intended for medical professionals to measure pulse.This is a pretty rare piece in great working order.The watch is offered at a price of $1,200 plus shipping.  If you have an interest please email Mike at vwrmike54@gmail.com.