Vintage Watch Resources has been created to assist collectors, owners and enthusiasts of vintage wrist watches in identifying and authenticating watches. We are currently exclusively focused on Longines vintage watches from the 1930s to the 1970s. Our database features models that have been identified via catalogs, magazine ads, advertising, merchandising and promotional materials, original model tags etc. We will be adding more Longines models to our database as additional models are identified.

The information on this site is provided free in the interest of advancing the hobby. All the watch model data has been made available from our personal collection. It is our hope and desire that other collectors will contribute to the database.

Site Features

Try our watch identifier, where you can answer a series of questions designed to help you identify a particular watch.

You can also search the watch catalog for specific watch characteristics, or you can browse the entire catalog.

If you are unsure of which year your Longines watch was produced, try our year identifer, which will give you an approximate year, based on the serial number indicated on the watch movement.

We are also beginning to build a values over time database, which can help you see how certain models appreciate in value.